Penny's Pizza - Limerick, PA

How do you know a pizza is good (besides the presence of cornmeal)? The amount of time you have to wait for one on a Friday night. 90 minutes for this glorious hunk of dough and cheese.

(from Penny’s Pizza in Limerick, PA)

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Penny’s Pizza Part Deux


Penny's Pizza

The best pizza in the Philadelphia area is from a little hole-in-the-wall called Penny’s in Limerick, PA. The secret is cornmeal.

Food, Philadelphia, Philly, Photos, Pizza

Penny’s Pizza

Philly, Photos, Pizza

Philly Mag Appearance

One of my tweet’s recently appeared in Philadelphia Magazine. It reminds me of when I used to write into Nintendo Power as a kid – but never had my words published. Bastards.

The short blurb was in response to the magazine’s July issue where it selected the 50 best pizza spots in the Philly area. I absolutely loved the issue and think it did a lot of things right. Most importantly (for me, anyway) is that Penny’s, my local favorite, made the cut. It is the best slice of pizza I have ever had in my life, and few places can even come close to its cornmeal magic and sweet sauce. For me, there’s not much else like it. Well done, Philly Mag.

I was disappointed, however, that Tonelli’s, my favorite slice from the other side of Montgomery County (and I know other people feel the same) didn’t make an appearance. Sure, it may not be exceptionally different, but it’s just damn fine pizza. Even its different varieties are fantastic. If anyone from out of town wants to know how we do pizza in Philly, I’d probably take them here.

But it’s okay. Thanks to my tweet’s appearance, I’ll be sure to take the evidence into Tonelli’s, find the owner, and ask him to give me a free pie in exchange for this random display of public praise. Or at least shake my hand.