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Batman, Pez, Victory

I totally won at marriage today. While Chrissy was browsing the Herr’s display, I dropped this sweet Batman Pez dispenser in our cart. She didn’t even notice. As soon as we reach the check out lane, however, she confronted me…

Chrissy: Did you put this in the cart (referring to the Pez dispenser)?

Me: Uh…yeah.

Chrissy: How old are we?

Me: Whatever. It’s a f***in’ Pez dispenser.

Chrissy: [insert the look]

And it stayed in the cart! I won!

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Nixon 51-30


Being the awesome wife that she is, Chrissy surprised me with an early anniversary present this weekend. I have a bit of an obsession with watches, and for the longest time, I’ve had my eye on the Nixon 51-30. It’s a surfing company, but they also happen to make really great timepieces; this is a man’s watch. Of course, she also added that the days of gifts like this are coming to an end as soon as Anthony Jr. (you bet your ass it will be a boy, and you bet your ass that will be his name) begins his journey into the world. So I accept.

(Yes, our wedding anniversary already passed. Sure, the wedding is important, but that’s really just went this whole love fest became legal. We view our true anniversary as our first date and celebrate accordingly.)

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Spikes are Sexy

Chrissy earned herself a shopping trip today in King of Prussia, and we stumbled upon one of my new favorite things – shoes with spikes! The designer is Sam Edelman, and although the price point is less than attractive, these flats armed with (surprisingly) sharp spikes just do it for me. The collection also includes high heels with even sharper spikes adorning the rear. And they are mad sexy. She can buy as many shoes with spikes as she wants, dammit.

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My Favorite Xbox

One the best things about finally moving into a new house is the process of uncovering all of my favorite things that, for space conservation purposes, were sentenced to unmarked boxes and containers. In particular, this original Halo collector’s edition Xbox has me fixing for our official move in a few weeks. Its location is currently unknown, although I know it is in one of the 7,000 boxes we’ve had packed for the last 2 years. To Chrissy’s (possible) dislike, it will become a centerpiece in the Man Cave (yeah, I bolded that shit) and remain there proudly for many years.

I just need to find it first.

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Change of Scenery


I recently upgraded from my sexy little sport compact Civic to a much more functional and roomy CR-V (I only buy Honda), and this is my new view. And now, Chrissy gets to keep her beloved (and stupid) Scion with its absurd insurance premium.

I’ll miss my Civic; it was my first car out of school and served as my first real sense of accomplishment. And it started the journey to my dream car – the V6 Accord Coupe, which, pending Chrissy’s blessing, I’ll have in 3 years when the CR-V returns to the dealer. As of yet, I have no such blessing.

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SI Golf Blendin’ In

The day has come. The Equipment Issue of SI Golf has arrived, and I’m attempting to blend it into the coffee table decor so that Chrissy doesn’t locate and recycle it. This is normally the time of year when I get itchy for the links and channel my wishes into browsing for new gear. And she hates it, obviously. Any splurging, though, is much more inappropriate this year with the new home’s furniture and appliance list overloaded. And you can bet her french door refrigerator will certainly reign victorious over my Ping G15 iron set. Alas. I’ll go easy on her this year.

Update: She found it.