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Bye Bye, Blueberry

Yesterday marked the end of an era. Chrissy traded up her 2006 Blue Blitz Micah Scion tC Release Series, of which only 2600 were made. The “blueberry”, as I liked to call it. It was a nifty car and had lots of bells and whistles that most cars from 2006 would have never dreamed of. But it was an insurance killer, it probably won’t do very well with a small child in the back, and I always liked to bust her chops about how much of a “chick car” it was (which, I suppose, in retrospect, wasn’t really busting her chops, because of her gender). But that car got us through a lot, and we’ll always enjoy those memories.

The first time I saw the blueberry was when Chrissy picked me up from Temple University’s TECH Center on a week night during the fall we first met. The car was loaded with other collegiate females, and needless to say, I was a bit intimidated by the whole thing. I was almost expecting some sort of interrogation, and I was ready for the worst. But nothing. Just a calm drive with music and laughter through the streets of North Philly while I was stuck in the tC’s miniature back seat with two of her friends who I still don’t remember. But the radio’s display changed different colors at random, which I thought was pretty cool.

Our entire relationship has been dotted with joy rides in the tC. Broad Street, the suburbs, concerts, the Jersey shore, everywhere and anywhere we could fit into our days together. We opened the hatchback to provide seating at Rita’s Water Ice in the summer. We used it to pick up our doggy daughter Diva from Conshohocken; that same day she took her very first drive in it up towards the Poconos to visit Chrissy’s parents. That little thing even moved us to Augusta, Georgia and back (and survived a few other trips to the Peach State). Most importantly – from my perspective anyway – we used it to tailgate at Pearl Jam’s final show at the Spectrum. That little car did a lot for us.

But, alas, now it’s out of our hands and waiting patiently at a dealership in New Jersey for someone to step up and give it a new life. And we move on, too. This time, with a lower insurance premium.


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Blueberry

  1. When I first saw the post title, I thought you’re writing about Giraud (AKA Moebius), the french Comics artist who passed away yesterday. I knew him mostly for the western comics series Blueberry.

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