Eve 6 tickets - Allentown, PA
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High School Rock Show

It’s crazy to think. The last time I saw Eve 6 live was in 2001 at the Theater of the Living Arts, a small 1000-person venue, on South Street in Philly. I went with two of my best friends and my regular concert partner in crimes. We enjoyed the freak show that is South Street and wandered into a local music store, where I managed to pick up ‘High Fidelity’ (one of the greatest films of all time) on DVD. It then resided in one of the large pockets of my cargo pants (!!!) throughout the show and ended up annoying the hell out of me. While we waited for our parents to pick us up, we stood – cold – outside of Jim’s just so we could smell like cheesesteaks for the rest of the night – it was worth it. We even stopped at a place called the Condom Kingdom, a ridiculous establishment that, I believe, is no longer in business (shocking, I know). But hey – we were in high school and much more easily amused at things.

A strange band called Tsar opened the show, and the lead singer began rambling about some sort of race car drives from the future, apparently the subject of one of their songs. Eve 6 opened with ‘How Much Longer’, though I can’t remember anything else regarding the setlist. I was a huge Eve 6 fan back in High School and through most of college (the awesome puns scattered throughout their music are shamefully under-appreciated), until they disappeared from the face of the Earth. Then I heard they were coming to Allentown, PA, which is a fairly straight shot up route 100 and the subject of an awesome Billy Joel tune, and I couldn’t resist. And how often do I get confirmation from a band’s lead singer that they’re going to play my favorite song?



One thought on “High School Rock Show

  1. Allentown is a weird place but Croc Rock is a great venue! Tsar is a band a friend of mine used to love, I think they might be an LA band. Condom Kingdom is gone but it’s still there (different name, same sex toys), just called “The Mood”. Unfortunately, South Street isn’t what it used to be but I think it’s on an upswing. Great post!

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