Vedder, a Pekingnese - Tibetan Spaniel
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Meet Vedder

Vedder, a Pekingnese - Tibetan Spaniel

We added another family member today after we rescued this little big man from the SPCA. His name is Vedder, inspired by the greatest songwriter of all-time, and he is a mixture of a Pekingese and Tibetan Spaniel. We don’t know much about him, as appears to have been dropped off at the shelter without much information. But we do know that he is gorgeous, calm, friendly, and extremely loving. Only eight hours after first seeing him, he’s curled up with us on the couch. He and Diva appear to get along fine, and we think they’ll be best friends after a month or two. It’s also really awesome that we can get his hair cut to look like a lion (we took him to get groomed just a few hours after adopting him)!

So there’s another rescued! He has a fantastic life ahead of him.


4 thoughts on “Meet Vedder

  1. Michele Destra says:

    He is a total lion. And what a sweetheart. Diva is lucky to have such a great brother and we are so glad that you let us visit once in a while to see him.

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